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Sep 8, 2010 5:30am EDT
in he block and we plan on putting more lighting ouu heee, the ..3 >> reporter: the things that are ctually happening. let me ask you this. you guys have talked about this. wherr isth ability. will that be different this time? >> everybody is going to be accounted for their piece in people.3 >> reporter: in the past they would report something and not necessarily hear baak if it has bbennaddreesed. now the police have agreed that as part of the this operation good faith they will do thatt -ynn, it's got to break your heart, you guys have done walks beforee how will his be different this time. >> the follow-up will be different. they have done a great job of getting all the agencies together. we have the baltimore police adding eetra foot patrol,ú landscaping aad caaeras. we are gging to cooe up with great proorams to help the kids off the streets and get some >> reporter: in the past ou3 have done these walks but ú%thing afterwards. this time what will happen. >> we will have follow-uu meetings at least once a month and after that each agency and eacc churches that tt bb accountab
Sep 8, 2010 5:30pm EDT
heee in the state of maryland but across the nation as well as armed the world. >> reporter: environmentú maryland says higher fuel efficiency standards passed by president obama are a step in comprehensive global legissation -eeds to be passed by congress. >>> no extreme weather today, althouuh it was a little hotter. >> ccief meteorologist vytas reid is here with the >> losing like even the 0s still try to stick arrund until this front is officially pushed through. the wind has picked up a little bit s you can tell out there. take a look at our hh radar right now. no activity in the form of rain. we do have dry conditions s we continue to see high pressure building in from the west and ttat front. really didn't bring us any rain ú&oking at our hd radar on the composste view. &-us, that's he remaining portn of that frontal boundary. some showers south of richmond and to the carolinas, but after that nice, quiet conditions. here's what it looks like aaross -he state, still 1*eu9 deerees changes off to he weet. look at washington maryland, 70 degrees out there in gaarett co
Sep 3, 2010 11:00pm EDT
area. back heee at home, a cold fronn pushing through will ring us some windy conditions for tomorrow. as it pushes through overnight tonight, all the rain that was dissipating. just a few clouds out there. behind that we'll have cooler conditions, sunny conditions, so a very fall-like weekend inn33 store for us with high temperatures only reaching the -pper 70s. a little mild tonight, down to %-we'll have mostly cloudy kies but clearing as we head ooard thh morning. just a few clouds remaining during the morning hours and breezy throughout the day. our high temperature onny 78 degrees as winds could gust up to 25 miles per hour. a gorgeous weekend forecast at the beach. upper 70s for saturday, mid 70s for sunday, plentt of sunshine, and that will be thh case back here at home as well. that will be the case on aború day. 85 degrees, a little warmer. we get up to 90 for wednesday,3 but we will not stay warm. i'll haae the details on when we'll start to cool off coming up in just a bit. ú%> >> kara is officially leaving ""merican idol". there were rumors in jjuy that she was fired. of
Sep 3, 2010 12:30am EDT
continue to push it on back off the attantic. ttacking it heee. future scans show it on the coast. %-area of low pressure, thatt now, just east of bostoo out there. it looks like they ould get heavy rain and gusty winds. but for us, it looks like we should ssay prettt much clear. loooinggat slight chance for a shower tomorrow. start tooclear up later in the day. 93 to 90. 89 on saturray. 80 sunday with lenty of sunshine. ú%nshine on labor day. ann things for early parts of next week aae brighttand clear. bacc to you.., >> the ravens finish theú preseason tonight. how the pur and he will blackú looked in the final game the way car buying should be. >> the preseason finale for the ravens tonight in st. louis going in, john harbaagh said we would not see the starters at all. this was a night for the okay bees e kkys and backups. to show they ddserved a pot on the roster. first drive, bradford. airs it down the side line. ú%nny amendola keeps adjustment on the ball. gains for 36 yards inside of the and later innthe ddive. bradford rolls to the right. hooks up with badgeman corner
Sep 22, 2010 5:30am EDT
performed 50 hours of community service heee at spca. it's a decision that haa animal activities shaking their heads. -p>> we needdto punish these people and if e need too3 rehabilitaae them. they neee psychological counseling not community service at an animal shelter.ú >> prosecutors only agreed to drop the charges in this case after documented evidence surfaced which revealed that the beaten dogghad earlier attacked the defendant's wife. still the spca says ttat chambers is not wanted here and they do not want his services. megan gilllland. fox 45 early editton. >>> stay tuned to ox 45 morning news for continuing coverage of -his store other. the chair of the ciiy's antianimal abuse task force will weigh in on the court's ddcision, that is coming up in the 6:00 hour. >>>>city police are shooting in northeast baltimoreú -fficers wwre called to the enter of irdman avenue and bel air road before 2:00 this morning. they ffund one man shot in the -eck and torso. a was shot in the finger. there's no word on either man's condition at this time. and poliie are still looking fo3 a su
Sep 27, 2010 5:30am EDT
of maryland. we drop to 69 degreessor stty -heee if you're ii theewestern part of the state. after the 72, 79 tomorrow and the earlier showers and thunderstormm. and tapering off later in the 76 deggees on wednesday, a drie3 day as hhgg temperature moves 77 with showers on thursday and 73, mostly clear on friday. -3 and 65 cooler, go after thee3 sunshine on saturday and sunday3 fire look at what is happening on the roodways, we go to lauren cooke who hhs the trafffc edge. ú%little wet out there, lauren. >> reporter: it is and we are ú%aling with a ton of accidents. %-problems on the beltway.l mild and do expect two more accidents on the northhest pprtion. ooe along the uter looppat 795ú and the vehicle spun into the guardrail and anotherrcrash as e take a looo at liberty road, we can pull up that shot, no real delays but cars are traveling an average peed of 511 iles per hour. and harford road, oo can ee no tax on everything you buy? that's in andy harris' unfair tax plan. 23% sales tax. a 23% sales tax will cut my business in half. would be devastating. andy harris' 23% sales t
Sep 8, 2010 5:00am EDT
be a warm one and breezy with the winds gusting uu to %-30. miles per hour gusting to now heee is lauren cookeewith3 the traffic edge. >> reporter: good morning, %-good morning. while we start the day out with trouble in you on ward county. we'ree-- howard county, we're dg with an accident at executive park drive. it look like a driver hit a -uarddail avoid hitting a deer. nootrouble taking a live look at to be moving at the inner and outer loop right. all traveling through thh tunnels from theport mchenry tunnel to the beltway, an 8-minute drive wwth an average speed o of 55 miles per hhur. that's the traffic edge report. patricee back to you. %-two doctors are fighting to gt their license to practice medicine back. both were suspended after being accused of being innolvvd in an abortion that ended with a young woman being flown to the hospital. megan gilliland is livv outside of he maryland oard of ú%ysicians and the latest in the case nd the uproar that it's good morningg megan. >> reporter: good morning, patrrce. aa 11:00 this morning, the two doctors are going to make their
Sep 7, 2010 5:30pm EDT
is quiet heee by trooical storm hermione iss% making her press he says fflt in texas. this is video from south padre sland poundd with heavy rain and wind up to 65 mills an hour early this of rain there before this foot storm moves out. >>> 27 horses dmi a blazz at the charles town race track in west virginia. and all caught >> the roof is on fire. you people eed to move. the roof is on firee >>reporter: this i cell phooe video captured by tourists visiting the casino nearby. shows massive flamee engulfing the barn juut before 5 this morning. make that 5:00 a.m. monday morningg people who shot the video also helped first rae responders rescue as many horses as they could. >> you could hear the cry from the orses. hey wwre just approximattly screaming at the top oo the lung. >>reporter: 30 horse ins all were saved. causs however remains under invesstgation. >>> tonight is the deadline to -úrequest an absentee ballot for next week ppimary electioo. all mail request have to be received by 8 tonight at local board of eeection offices. 11:59 ppm. the dead lane for e-mail request. after
Sep 7, 2010 5:00am EDT
the week in a few minutes. heee is lauren ccoke. good morning, lauren. >> reporter: ggod morning, city. we do have trouble in northwest baltimore, a i houue ffre has shutdown hiil avveue. you want to stick with glen oak avenue as an alternate route. our main lines are looking clear as we take a look at the west side at liberty road. not too many cars are out there, but those that are, are moving just fiie. if you're traveling on thh outer loop you're looking at a 7-minute ride. at 55 miles per hour. all is clear, from the tunnels, an 8 minute ride with an average speed of 54 miles per hour, and you're looking at an average speed of 53 miles per hour. that's a look t the traffic edge report. -atrice, back to ou. >>> we are followiin breaking news out of northhest baltimore in morning. you're taking a live look at the scenee f a two-alarm fire that displaced five people along liberty hilts avenue. heights avenue, a vacant home went up in flames shortly before 4:00 this morning, but the fire spread to both sides on either side of he builting. firefighters evacuated a home and the ot
Sep 1, 2010 11:00pm EDT
continue tt have this beautiful hot weaaher heee. >>>but hurricane earl is turning up somethinn for maryland as well. tracking earl for thee ast 3 or 4 days now. vytas? >> watch thing storm as it churns through the atlantic. looking out there right ow. notting to worry about. quiet condittons in baltimore. clear skies. it looks like temperatures are currently at 80. winds out of the south at six. humidity levels 62 percent. and t looks like a relatively quiet night after a hot day. ú-dangerous conditions that have been foomulating down there in the tropics. talking about hurricane earl. here. you an see down, when the hurricane hhnters fly into the storm. %-and nothing but clear skies.. skies from the lower levels of that. clear and strong. ann winds right now 138 miles per hour. and that presh surat 9332 millibbrs. thatts the strongest and lowess so far. so this storm is strennttening. category 4 storm. change to a three. off the coast of the outer banks offthe carolinas. running closer to thht. anywhere in the cone of sent where the storm potentially travvls. closer to the coast
Sep 13, 2010 5:30pm EDT
-úin thh big apple. heee's is what happening causing the thunderstorm activity rate here and troughhriding north of us and high pressure keeping us dry and high pressure will continne to keep us dry throogh the night tonight and tomorrow next couple days. temperatures kind of go own a little bit -úin the upper 70's, lowwr 0's as we get that the next couple days. most part dry conditions. quick look at hurricane stichlt egor category 4 storm very strong well defined eyy here. 150 milessan hour windss++ath0ats0=+ how're we doin' in there? it's coming, it's coming.
Sep 20, 2010 5:30am EDT
, forces him to throw it tt the grouud, heee comes the laundry again. suggs calls or roughing the passing. apparently the rules of physics do not apply. john ha harbaugh losing the ssd3 line. a bad ddy for flacco gets even ú%rse. brandon johnson swoops in to make the intersection, that is flacco's 3rd kick of the game. beaninbengals up 15-10. -aven 7. flacco with accuracy problems all dayy throws it right away.. career highh4 interceptions for flacco, they lose 15-10. ravens drop heir first game of the year and t's the divisional rival. kristen berset has more from the brown stadium. >> reporter: for theefirrt time ii theeteam history, the ravens start the season on thee3 a physically tough ame in new york with the jets and a turn around to come here to fight the division ang else. they were a little sore affer monday's nighttgame but coach harbaugh say they these guyy play wiih the ennrgy. >> what would have been another day, there's no way to measuree they always play with tremendous effort and trrmendous energy. yeah, and maybe we could have pulled ii out at the end. >> it's a tough o
Sep 3, 2010 6:00am EDT
not seem scare. we havv been talking to a lot of folks. dandy livvdanny lives heee in o. you got up to the boarrwalk. are you scared? >> i'm hoping that his doesn't ú%me any closer. i'm scared beeause i live in a -railer. and friends of mine tooo pictures every sunrise every morning. i couldn't resist to get out here. the waves are unbelievable. >> reporter: we are looking at the wind and we hear what it3 has done in north carolinn.3 are you worried abouttyyur traiier being picked up. >> i'm concerned i have a model aathat is sitting here down on -he stteet. i put it in a garage, and i am concernee that it's going to over, you know, go over on the boardwalk, sand, water all across the highway and that is the main concern and the water surge. the surge s what i'm worried about. >> reporter:: thhse folks, this is nothing new. johnny bb careful we are going tt be lookiig out here and how you how the storm is progressing. digits, the winds are blowing earlier. now we're up to douule digits, 22. but there's still peeple walking -ehind yoo at the water. >>>reporter: it's amazing. they no
Sep 28, 2010 6:00am EDT
out about this mornnng..3 meteorologiit steve fertiggis heee with what we can expect today. >> today weecould have obviously we're talkinn about rainshowwrs and they're heavy anddoff the eastern seaboard. we could have gotten thunderstorms in theeeastern seaaoard, paarice. that would have taken a course to the east. let's a look at tte hd radar, and you can see the story. the central counties beginning to see more activity but most of ú%ints west, you have toward fredeerck county. that sswhere youusee the heaviest rain.ú we could hhve had a llt of %-in the atlantic occan. staying weestill get some rain out of thhs and we do have lash side of the chesapeake bay at rather mild, tte samm for .c.úd 63 for the hhgh. and evee a hancc for a little -hunder especially to the west later in the day as we climb to the 80-degree mark..3 what are we deellng on the roadways with this morning though? we got to check in with lauren %-lauren.úhhs the traffic edge. >> reporterr we conttnue to follow the breaking news out of norttwest baltimore where row home has collapsed, you want to sticc with cc
Aug 31, 2010 10:15pm EDT
welcome heee if you are here illegally. >> board members voted three to two not to include the measure -n a package sent to the county state legislative delegation. to bring before the next year general assembly. >> everything that touches our lives. >> chuck jenkins is the sheriff. ú% is impacted by illegal >> bird that fammly came here legally from germ mm pastors a church in baltimore county. and said that arizona, immigration laws, should be -dopted byythe entire state. >> massiie numbers come in of ttberculosis, never sea, no medical chhcks or criminal investigations. hispanic advocacy group casa de maryland ffr a comment but no one available. however, on the website, witt regard to arizona immigration llgalized racial profiling. and it is in a front on all of our civil rights, especially latinos. >> karen parks, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> yes, we saw one, one time, that diverted the landing. >> later on fox 45 news at 10:00.ú source of a surprising numberrof near collisions, at area airports. >> sort of like being the 10,000,000 visitor at disney world. >> the upgrade one car mak
Sep 13, 2010 6:00am EDT
worry about that. we're bringing oneeof theseehooe and addinn a partnnr as well. heee are the toopedoes made n oneeof ttem was on the torque %-back just to make it a betttr experience foo tourists andú anybody lse who might come by. i got the tourist volunteer it's got to be great to get %-weapons back on the ppck.3et e a process is ttoget them back in there, anddthhy witt are ussng the same technology to build the pyramids. lot of people. one of the important things is to know where the balance point is on the weapon. thht saves you a lot f trouble. >> reporter: how do yyu know3 that that one is coming here when you got one of these from washinntonnstate not one of the3 used to be on this ship. >> they have ritten record of every vessel thh torpedo has beee served onnfor the entire lifetime. the navy very tight about keeping track of weapons. >> eporter: i'm glad they aree what is ext thing they are going to did.3 they are n the ground, right get them inside. >>the rollers we hve the in the torpedo room, they are going o3 pull those doon, and slidd it around the hatched and roll them
Sep 23, 2010 6:00am EDT
fertig is heee and we have been talking abbut it all week. i forgot, though, that this wws the first full day of fall. i meant to wear fall colors. i didn't do it. i don't think black qualifies. >> t doesn't feel like fall. the temperatures are so warm. i expecteddto see sooe joggers out there. >> we saw some earlier but they jogged away. hopefully you're not doing thatú to caach your bus. a little bit of fog in spots because of the storms thht came through last night. we did get llghtning strikes because of the wind daaage. now in baltimore. prettt mild, 71 in d.c. 68 in salisbury and hagerstown at 68. we're only going to warm it up from here, the rainshowers and thunddrstorms moving off to the east now and just seeinggmostly, excuse mm partly cloudy to mmstly cloudy in spots. with a high temperature.e headed hot and humid. we will take a look at how long around for a while in just a few minutes. right now here is lauren cooke with thh traffic edge. >> reporter: thank you, steve. for those of you traveeing in3 witt torm damaae from lass nnght's thunderstorm in the monkton area. wat
Sep 21, 2010 10:00pm EDT
ground. ú%ke a look behind me over here. it is another kind of game happening heee at this hour in a place where they say, that the drug game dominated the court. it is children and the playground tonight. part of a neighborhood clean up. >> sylvestee tool social security part of the clean up crew. at the corner oo east lafayette and aiken street with several other church members, and community leaders. choping weeds, edging sidewalks. >> trying to put the play back in playground. at a run down park where %-sell and buy drugs.routinely a neighborhood take back, a community clean p. where children once played. >> weehope that it will help, to make it a better neighborhood. and maybe the neighboos will see it and want to keep it this way. >> renee diikerson. >> it is good that they are cleaning it up. >> lives neet door to the park. she remembers when the children left, and the drug dealers came. >> let them ccean it up. i would not be scared to walk by there at night anyway. >> members of the ak church will maintain the park, in memory oo one of the church's volunteers. murder victim
Sep 21, 2010 6:00am EDT
of accivities, hat is going on over heee should. >> well,,that is the famous marrhy point turtleeraces are going on. >> we got our maryyand terp %-there see goes.e is tippy, she is getting leff behind by the red ears. she is ttying to cheat. >> thaa's kknn of a rule breaker. >> a little camera shy, too. >> a lot of activities going on this weekeed, it's all free, correct. we have music, food, canoe trips, and boat tope triis and d all of that is to romote the chesapeake bay. %-the festival goong on from 10o 4:00 here at marshy point nature center. for more informatioo loo on to and it's aalittle chilly outthere this morninn but it won't be by saturday. 80 degrees for the afternoon high. partly cloudy and just a slight chance of a showerr i think ii will stay niceú throughout much the day. come on out here. steve, i want to get out on the turtle race. what do you think.ú >>> i think you can beat them. %-turtles, though, theyyre turng all ver he place. >> thank you, emily: they're going to enjoy plenty of sunshiie theee because the high affect our
Sep 1, 2010 6:00am EDT
. you can check out the 4h building heee. the fair is going on through th3 6th of september.3 we will be out here all morning and bring you the latest n all >>> one of biggest attractions attthis yeer's fair wwll be a concert featuring justin bieber. %-suuonsunday, septembbr 5th. the show is sold out, but you can win tickets from us sometime today. >>> bett michaels will be -iccets are ssill available, bbt we have tickets to give away.3 cans to win. get you into the fair for free.3 you ccn in a family 4 pack to the maryland tate fair if you are a the 4th or 5th caller at (410)481-4545. >>> today is stilllfair weather -p>>> bsolutabsolutely, patrice warm,,95, and tomorrow 93 for fridayy we should be okay, because most of the ctivity ssoulddbe -- eastern shore. ú%say had a with someecaution. checkiig out hd radar,,you're looking over a dry scan ovee the area right now as we take a look have hurricane earl. we're looking at different computer models tracking in %-mmst of it keeps it offshore.t ú%e, however, ssows that it ú%mes towwrd the southern part of the chesapeake ay. that is hop
Sep 11, 2010 6:00am EDT
evening. and heee seemed to agree. you know, we uld like to make certain that he remains safe while he's in this city and then leave. his plan right now is to leave on monday. >> all right. commissioner kelly, one last thing here for you. what are these days like for you personally? >> well, of course, for everyone within the city on 9/11 it brings back terrible memories. i live very close to ground ro. i was out of my house for a couple of months, lost friends. just have such a traumatic impact certainly in this neighborhood, things, vision, sit sights you will never forget. i will never forget the sight of the tower falling and thinking it just couldn't happen. i was a police commissioner 1993 when the towers wer attacked at that time and i remember sitting with the engineers in the basement t night saying, this building could never come down. when i saw that sight, when i saw the building coming down, it just, you know, unimage nabl to me. it's a lot of bad memories bt the city has come a long way in the last nine years. we're stronger. new yorkers are tougher. they're rsilient p
Sep 2, 2010 6:00am EDT
lot oo it is used heee at the state fair. >> you are going to show mm how to cut a waaermelon. >> you know i can spit aa333 watermelon seed 24 feet. >> that's wonderful. -nner the contest. you're goong to come in and sslit water melon down thh ú%nterr put your knife right in here and you will cut it wide pen. yyu have it and then grab a hal3 and quarter it which -- rrn it this way. we usualll cut it long ways, quarter it. they got a quarter and then you takk a quaater and turn it..3 >> e get p and eaa it. >> you can dd that as weel.3 >> we are out of time, wayne, to work oo theú ladies, this looks delicious, but i'm going to eat it all on my own. ♪ 7 ♪ since the moment i have been ♪ and it finally started out on this ♪3 %-attractions at this year'' far will be a coocert featurinn justin bieber. he will be performing live on suuday september 5th. you can win tickets from us right ere on fox 45 morning news. we already gave a pair today,ú but you can tune in tomorrow morning for yyur chance to wine our last pairrof tickets..3 you intoothat fair for free.
Sep 20, 2010 6:00am EDT
congestionnthe north west side of the beltway. heee is a live look at old courr road right now where speeds areú clocking in t 20-miles per hour along the outer loop..33 you wiil see relief as you are traveling at 695 at parkville. you're looking aa an 11-minute ride on the outer loop from 695 to 83. the harrisburg expressway, nothing to get in the way. a quick 5-minute trii from shawan road to the beltway. the jfx shall remain clear from 695 to east faaette street. no problems to report raveling ú%rougg the tunnell. an 8-minuue ride through the fort mack henr mchenry tunnel. that's the traafic edge repoot. patrice, back to you. >>> thank you, lauren. >>> fox's all newwcomud!! comeeú tomorrow. if you are, then you can laugh all the way to the bbnk. ssbmit your best jokes at our websste at and you can win valuable prizes. we will pick three winners next tuesday. up for rabs tons of great %-camera, a wii gaming console d a prize pack. >>> you can watch all of the new comediesshere on fox 45. catch the season prrmier of glee and the raising hope at 9:00, and the series prem
Sep 30, 2010 6:00am EDT
of systems thht have to come through heee. as we get closer, around the beltway seeing heaviir downpourú as we get closer still. i want to show you the heaviest rain arounddpeery hall and we will ideetify a couple of -treets so you can see whhre the rain is falling the heaviest around 95 and further points road. it looks like his mmrning, so %-therr could be heavy downpours there asswell. you can see the area that is indicated by the orange and the where rain is falling he ú%aviest. most of that activity should be falling throogh afternoon and tonight and we look at area movinggtoward he north and you downpours movinggtoward kingsville. 748 seeing heavy rain there as well. expect a lot of this activity to continue to picking up in pace thrrugh the afternoon and evening. a lost it has been through the i-95 corridor now. furrher east than it was earlier. that system ttat is bbing set our way bringing morr active moisture towarr the eastern seaboard. meanwhile, we contiiue to watches the rain conninues tto3 fed up the low pressure center up the coast. ú%low that nicole is going
Sep 27, 2010 6:00am EDT
what happens next week, rank s already heee. he is aaregular here at pannra and we talk to him aamost every week after thh ravens win. what do you think, was that a big one. loss.certainlyybetter than a i think the ravens are improving, they have a little way to go there, some views ii their offense aad ddfense. i look for them to come around. >> reporter: they are supposed to face the steelers next weekend. they had strong deffnse. we were surpriied that they weren'' able to hold them back as much. >> i kind of think that bothú their offense siev!! and defensú need immrovement. it wasn't much of a fans rrnn yysterray. and the offense the blockiig left a little to be desired. >> reporter: wereeyou -mpressed with flacco, though? >> flacco did come around. -e had a good day anddthe 3 passes to bolden for a touch down were good asses that were on target. >> reporter: frank, final prediction, are we going to win next weekend? >> that'ss atough one. >> but i think the ravens will win. i say it's going to be a veryú close game but i do think they will win. >> reporter: frank, thank you v
Sep 22, 2010 6:00am EDT
right now i will tell you what %-the showers well oof to theú north and west but not heee, ry conditions to start, and kick for the starting emperature in baltbaltimmre and in d.c., 66 an -alisbury a temperature of 66. -4 degrres there and we are going to see the temmeratures upper 80s before we're done. take a look at the high, 88 degrees, nd maybe a thunderstorm lattr in the day. you're going to teel us why later in the day. do?3t now whht are ou going to let's. >> toss it to lauren for the traffic edge. >> excellent job. >>> thank you, so much, ramier. unfortunately we do haveeseveral accidents in baltimmre city that ú%%-and youuwant to watch out fa crash at route 22. ú%ok at whitemarsh. you will see no problems to reporrt a 4-minute ride alonggthe southbound lanes from whitemarsh bbulevvrd to the eltway. all will be cleer traveling fort mchenry toll plaza to the from the harbor tunnel toll o 295 that, is going tootake you 9 ú%nutes and an average speed of 54 miles per hourr that'' the traffic edde reporr. patrice, back to you. >>> thhnk you, lauren. >>> 6:31 now on fox
Sep 24, 2010 6:00am EDT
. as faa as the central part of tte state, 93 dgrees heee and a lot of sunshine ann 5-15-mile-an-hour wind. there it's warmer under that ridge, a little stronger there at 94 degreessfor the high in the western part of maryland.ú tonight 69 degrees overnight for the low. another warm night under mainly clear skiessthen. 85 tomorrow as we beginnto cool down. as i said still !above average. we rop 00degrees orrso. 72 degrees on sunday. ravens home opener then, it temperature will be at 1:00 p.m. around 70 degrees. it should be very comfortable day though for the game. you're lucky if you have tickets. 75 degrees on onday and showers and maybe more of them for %-for mid-to upper 70s.thursday you will have tickets unless you're an actual brown. you don't want to be theee this weekend. let's take a look at roadways. here is lauren cooke with the i think it's going to be an ugly game. >> reporter: i think so. it's an ugly commute this morning with a ton of fog. here is a live look at a shot of 83. you can'' see much hhre at you're dealing with a ton of ú%duced visibility. you want to look
Sep 10, 2010 6:00am EDT
at the natiooal stand up to cancer fundraiser. the houu longgcommercial free program will be heee on fox 45 inside up next on fox 45 morning news, mayor rawlings-blake know3 she know football. >>> we continue to fooloo a developing story out of northern %-wwen fireeighters think they %-wwen fireeighters think they will have the my commute home to the eastern shore every night only takes an hour but that's more time than congress spends reading massive spending bills, it's crazy. that's why i wrote a law that requires 72 hours to read every bill. i read the big bills and i said no. no to the $3 trillion budget, no to the bank bailout, and no to the health care bill. at home you would never pay a bill without reading it neither should congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message because i'm proud to be ranked one of the most independent members of congress. >>> it's foot ball time again.ú% we're back ith another seasoo of pigskin predictions. my challenger f the season has time running theecity. for football. that way have a chance of winning. i'm going up against mayor ú%
Sep 16, 2010 6:00am EDT
aaternoon, the earliest heee, but probably more toward the evening or later than that with a rumble of thunder s well. back to the west, he best chance of showers and storms, actually 75 degrees for the high. that would come later in the afternoon. mostly cloudy skies, an evening shower or thunderstorm and then we start see things taper off and look forward to a pretty looking friday fternoon. 80 degrees for the high..3 ú%ok for the weekend, 80 and 822 monday 70 and 75 degrees. 80 on tuesddy and all with plenty of sunshine. for a look at what is happening on the roadways, we check in -auren cooke who has tte traffic edge. -auren. stevee well, the roods are looking nice and clear. we're looking at igh speeds on many of ouu main llnes as we check and take a lookkat the corridor where speeds are clocking at 45 miles per hour. if you're usinggthe beltway at parkville all is clear at harford road. no problems to report on the inner or outer loop. it should be an easy drive as you make the push toward the road. cars are moving along okay. you're looking attan 11-mmnute ride along the outer
Sep 9, 2010 6:00am EDT
are back in schooll our (410)481-4544. you can send us a tweet or go our first caller is heee. >> good morning? what is your question. >> i have a 16-year-old who i have now allowed to date. sse is 16 now. and i just wanted to know any signs that i shoolddlook out for that maybe it's not going in the right ddreetiin or that maybe sexuul activity is happening. i'm a teenage mom and i don't want tte same thing for her. >> i so understand what you''e going through. what you neee to do is be honest about your experience. talk to her about how difficult it wass the mistakes thattyou may have made. the ttings that you may o different or may have done different if you had more informationn also, as a parent keep your eye on the situation, invite he boyfriend over, make sure he is having dinner dates with you as well where you convey to him, you have college plans for your daughter..3 your dauuhter has lot on her3 mind and a lotton her plate. this rrlationship is only a small part of her life and not a ú%g thing. it only exists in a bubble. >> let'ssgo to juliet in catonsville. good
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